What is another word for underhanded?

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There are numerous synonyms for the word "underhanded," all of which describe behavior that is sneaky, devious, or dishonest. Some possible synonyms include "conniving," "scheming," "manipulative," "deceitful," "fraudulent," "duplicitous," "two-faced," "unscrupulous," "treacherous," "sly," and "crafty." These words are often used to describe people who are attempting to gain an advantage or achieve their goals through unfair or unethical means, such as by lying, cheating, or stealing. Ultimately, whether you are looking to describe a business colleague who is always cutting corners or a friend who can't be trusted, there are many different words that can help you capture the essence of underhanded behavior.

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    There's a certain strategy employed by underhanded players in any sport that is generally frowned upon. It can be defined as taking an unfair advantage, usually through subterfuge or deception. One of the most famous underhanded moments in sports history came when the Montreal Expos catcher, Gary Carter, helped his team win the 1990 World Series by picking off Texas Rangers starting pitcher, Ron Guidry, with two runners on base. Carter's play was considered so sneaky and underhanded that the term "Catches on the Caveman" was coined to describe it.

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