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There are numerous synonyms for the word "open," each with its own unique connotation. To begin with, "unlocked" and "accessible" are appropriate substitutes for the literal meaning of the term, indicating that an object or location is open for use or entry. "Clear" and "unrestricted" imply a lack of obstacles or barriers, while "available" and "unoccupied" indicate that something is open and free for use or inhabitation. "Transparent" and "frank," on the other hand, relate to ideas or emotions and refer to being open about one's thoughts or feelings. Finally, "public," "overt," and "forthright" refer to being open in a public sphere or about a particular issue.

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    When most people think of "open," they imagine a computer file that is accessible by anyone with internet access. But what about open architecture? What about open source software? What about open-mindedness?

    "Open" has many meanings, but for the purposes of this article, we'll focus on the idea of being open to feedback and change. In order to be truly open, we need to be accessible to others. We need to be flexible and adaptable.

    We also need to be willing to share information and resources.

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