What is another word for upright?

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[ ˈʌpɹa͡ɪt], [ ˈʌpɹa‍ɪt], [ ˈʌ_p_ɹ_aɪ_t]

When you think of the word "upright", many synonyms may come to mind. Some possible options include "vertical," "erect," "standing," "tall," and "straight." These words all suggest a sense of height or alignment with gravity. Other synonyms for "upright" might focus more on the concept of honesty or moral integrity, such as "upstanding," "honest," "truthful," and "virtuous." Still others might focus on a more literal sense of standing up or rising up, such as "elevated," "rising," "lifted," or "raised." Regardless of the specific synonym you choose, each one can help add a different shade of meaning to your writing and highlight different aspects of the concept of being upright.

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    Upright is an adjective that indicates an object or person, standing tall and straight. The antonyms for the word upright are slanted, crooked, and angled. Slanted refers to an object that is leaning at an angle or incline, diverting from a vertical position. Crooked means to be not straight or being marked by bends or angles. Angled is opposite to upright, indicating a position or direction that deviates from the vertical or horizontal plane. These antonyms of upright are about objects or persons not having a straight or vertical orientation, implying instability or lack of balance.

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    Usage examples for Upright

    Instantly she awoke and sat upright.
    "My Lady of the Chimney Corner"
    Alexander Irvine
    Nell, who towards the close of the dinner felt a little sleepy, became thoroughly aroused and, having an upright little heart, seized her father's hand, and kissing it again and again, began to beg for Fatma.
    "In Desert and Wilderness"
    Henryk Sienkiewicz
    She held herself upright with difficulty, and her eyelids drooped.
    "The Locusts' Years"
    Mary Helen Fee

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