What is another word for unobservable?

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The term "unobservable" refers to something that cannot be perceived or detected through the senses or instruments. There are several synonyms for "unobservable," such as imperceptible, unperceivable, intangible, invisible, or hidden. These words convey the idea that the object, event, or phenomenon is beyond the reach of our sensory perception or empirical investigation. Other synonyms for "unobservable" include indiscernible, insensible, obscure, unapparent, unnoticeable, or undetectable. Each of these words carries a slightly different meaning, but they all suggest that something cannot be directly observed or measured. Overall, these synonyms broaden our vocabulary and help us describe the complex and elusive nature of reality.

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How to use "Unobservable" in context?

The word "unobservable" is derived from the Latin word "non observandum," meaning "not to be observed." Unobservables are objects or situations that cannot be perceived or measured. They can be things that exist beyond the scope of our understanding or knowledge, or something that does not fall within the realm of scientific observation. un observable can also refer to things that are simply too complex or difficult to observe. Some examples of unobservables in science include quantum mechanics, dark matter, and the big Bang.

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