What is another word for intangible?

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Intangible, meaning something that cannot be touched or perceived by the senses, has several synonyms in English language. 'Invisible', 'imperceptible' and 'undetectable' are some of the commonly used words that relate to intangible. 'Ethereal' implies a delicate and heavenly quality while 'elusive' suggests something that is difficult to catch or comprehend. 'Abstract' and 'conceptual' refer to an idea rather than a tangible thing. Other synonyms include 'invisible', 'incorporeal', 'impalpable' and 'insubstantial'. All these words point to the elusiveness and imperceptibility of something that cannot be physically felt or seen but exists in various degrees in our daily lives.

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How to use "Intangible" in context?

Intangible is a truly versatile word, describing things that cannot be seen or touched but that have a tremendous influence on our lives. It can refer to things like ideas, memories, or feelings. In some ways, intangible things are harder to quantify and understand, but they have a powerful effect on our lives.

One of the most important intangible things in our lives is trust. We build trust over time, often building relationships with people we don't even know. Trust is crucial for successful relationships, business ventures, and even day-to-day life. When we don't trust someone, it can be incredibly difficult to get along.

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