What is another word for unperceivable?

Pronunciation: [ʌnpəsˈiːvəbə͡l] (IPA)

The word "unperceivable" refers to something that cannot be perceived or detected by the senses or the mind. Synonyms for this word include imperceptible, unnoticeable, undetectable, invisible, intangible, concealed, unseen, indiscernible, and insensible. These words all imply the idea of something being beyond our ability to sense or understand. For example, an imperceptible change in temperature might go unnoticed, an invisible force like gravity may be difficult to comprehend, and an indiscernible scent might be too faint to smell. These synonyms can be useful in describing things that are hard to detect or understand, whether it be physical sensations or abstract concepts.

What are the opposite words for unperceivable?

Unperceivable is defined as something that cannot be perceived or sensed. Antonyms for this word include perceptible, detectable, noticeable, visible, and tangible. Perceptible means that something is easily detected or noticed by one's senses. Detectable refers to something that can be identified or discovered through analysis or investigation. Noticeable describes something that catches one's attention or immediately strikes the senses. Visible indicates that something is clearly seen or able to be observed. Lastly, tangible pertains to something that is able to be touched or physically experienced. These antonyms provide a range of alternatives to the word unperceivable, each with their distinct connotations and applications.

What are the antonyms for Unperceivable?

Usage examples for Unperceivable

As unperceivable as it was from his stolid, phlegmatic expressions, his thoughts were in a panic.
"An Apostate: Nawin of Thais"
Steven Sills

Famous quotes with Unperceivable

  • When our courteous Lord of His grace sheweth Himself to our soul, we have that we desire. And then we see not, for the time, what we should more pray, but all our intent with all our might is set wholly to the beholding of Him. And this is an high unperceivable prayer, as to my sight: for all the cause wherefor we pray it, it is oned into the sight and beholding of Him to whom we pray; marvellously enjoying with reverent dread, and with so great sweetness and delight in Him that we can pray right nought but as He stirreth us, for the time. And well I wot, the more the soul seeth of God, the more it desireth Him by His grace.
    Julian of Norwich

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