What is another word for Unset?

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[ ʌnsˈɛt], [ ʌnsˈɛt], [ ʌ_n_s_ˈɛ_t]

The word "unset" is often used to express a state of discomfort or unsettlement. There are many different synonyms for the word "unset," including uneasy, restless, disturbed, agitated, and uneasy. Other synonyms include disconcerted, perturbed, flustered, and discomposed. These words all convey a sense of unease or discomfort, and are often used to describe feelings or emotions that are difficult to express or define. Whether you are trying to describe a feeling of anxiety or apprehension, or simply seeking a more precise way to describe your emotions, these synonyms for "unset" can help you better articulate your thoughts and experiences.

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Usage examples for Unset

She removed the string from her neck and by it pulled the small embossed case from her bosom, shook out the few rings and Unset stones left in it, and returned the larger jewels to it, and gave it into his hand, still warm from its soft resting place.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine
He had been for four days in water with nothing to eat, and his legs Unset.
"My War Experiences in Two Continents"
Sarah Macnaughtan
Bank-notes fluttered down and lay about in all directions, relays of sovereigns rolled away like so much dross, bonds and scrip for thousands and tens of thousands clogged the downpouring stream of jewellery and Unset gems.
"Max Carrados"
Ernest Bramah

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