What is another word for muddy?

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[ mˈʌdi], [ mˈʌdi], [ m_ˈʌ_d_i]

If you're writing a story, poem or article that involves mud, you might be looking for synonyms for the word 'muddy.' Here are some possibilities: • Dirty - if the mud is really messy and unclean, this word may be appropriate. • Filthy - this word connotes more disgust than 'dirty,' so it could be a good option if the mud has a particularly unpleasant quality. • Murky - if the mud is also dark or unclear, this word could work well. • Sullied - this word has a more poetic or elegant quality to it, so it might be a good choice if you're going for that kind of tone. • Cloudy - if the mud is not necessarily dirty, but more opaque or unclear, this word may be a good synonym.

Synonyms for Muddy:

How to use "Muddy" in context?

Mud is something that is seen all around the world. It can be found near the water or on the ground. At some point, mud was probably used for different purposes. For example, mud was probably used for brick making. Mud can also be used for different sports activities. For example, mud wrestling is a sport that is done in mud.

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