What is another word for upstart?

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[ ˈʌpstɑːt], [ ˈʌpstɑːt], [ ˈʌ_p_s_t_ɑː_t]

Upstart is a term used to describe someone who has recently gained power or importance, especially in a way that is seen as aggressive or unwelcome. There are several synonyms for this word including parvenu, arriviste, and nouveau riche. These words carry similar connotations of someone who is new to a position of power or wealth, and may be seen as pushing their way in without proper experience or training. Other synonyms for upstart include usurper, interloper, and pretender, all of which suggest that the person in question has taken control or is trying to take control in a way that is not legitimate or fair.

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How to use "Upstart" in context?

Upstart is not a new notion. The phrase has been used in business for years, to describe a small company that is starting from scratch and making a difference in its industry. This rising tide has lifted all boats, and upstarts are generally applauded by the business community. Why?

The first and most obvious reason is that upstarts are often edgy and innovative. They often refuse to follow the pack and instead blaze their own trails, which can lead to some incredibly exciting and ground-breaking innovations. Plus, being unpredictable can be a powerful marketing tool, as customers are always eager to try something new.

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