What is another word for upstanding?

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The term "upstanding" typically means someone who is good-natured, honest, upright, and responsible. If you're writing a piece and looking for synonyms, you could use words like "honorable," "reliable," "trustworthy," and "ethical." Other suitable synonyms include "integrity," "virtuousness," "upright," and "decent." You can also consider using phrases that convey similar meanings like "straightforward," "aboveboard," "principled," and "respectable." Some other synonyms that you might include in your vocabulary include "truthful," "dependable," "righteous," and "law-abiding." Ultimately, the right synonym will depend on the context of the situation, but all these words could potentially work to convey the same meaning.

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    Upstanding, the adjective used to describe a person or their behavior as honest, respectable, and moral. However, its antonyms will describe the opposite of that characteristic or qualities. The antonyms of upstanding include deceitful, corrupt, dishonest, immoral, unprincipled, unethical, and dishonorable. A person who is dishonest or corrupt often lacks integrity and ethical values. Similarly, a person who is immoral is someone who does not follow the rules and violates social norms. On the other hand, people who aim to be upstanding will always try to do the right thing, even when it is not easy. Those who act upstanding have great respect and admiration for the 'upstanding' people in their community.

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    Usage examples for Upstanding

    Carefully he circled us with an upstanding waving yellow signal of friendly purpose.
    "I Walked in Arden"
    Jack Crawford
    Not only was he a fine, upstanding, broad-minded man; he was a man, no longer in the first flush of youth, who had made himself what he was and who from forty-five vividly recalled twenty-five.
    "The Desert Valley"
    Jackson Gregory
    Around it was a high white wall, above which the white flat-roofed house showed itself, its serene line broken by two tiny white cupolas and by one upstanding and lonely chamber built on the roof.
    "The Way of Ambition"
    Robert Hichens

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