What is another word for smart aleck?

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[ smˈɑːt ɐlˈɛk], [ smˈɑːt ɐlˈɛk], [ s_m_ˈɑː_t ɐ_l_ˈɛ_k]

Synonyms for Smart aleck:

How to use "Smart aleck" in context?

There is no one definitive definition of a "smart aleck," as the term can have different meanings to different people. Generally speaking, a smart aleck is someone who makes snarky comments or delivers sarcastic remarks to frustrate or insult others. They may be insulting for the sake of being insulting, or they may genuinely think that they are being funny.

Whether the term is considered positive or negative is up to individual preference. Some people find the smart-aleck attitude funny, while others find it irritating. There is no right or wrong answer, as the term is ultimately up to personal interpretation.

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