What is another word for vestal?

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The word "vestal" typically refers to a chaste and pure woman. However, there are a range of synonyms that could be used instead, depending on the context. For instance, words such as virtuous, pure, celibate, chaste, and innocent could be used to describe a vestal-like figure. Similarly, terms such as spotless, unblemished, pristine, and immaculate could be employed to convey the idea of perfect purity. In certain circumstances, words like moral, upright, honest, and conscientious could also be used to describe someone who embodies the values of a vestal figure. Ultimately, the appropriate synonym for "vestal" will depend on the specific qualities that one wishes to emphasize about the individual in question.

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    Vestal Virgins were priestesses in ancient Rome who officiated at the spinning and weaving of the Sacred Vestments. The Vestals were exclusively women and were forbidden to marry, have sex, or own any property. They were also obliged to observe ferocious dietary restrictions and were often harshly punished if they broke any of the rules. In 217 BC, the last of the Vestals were executed because they failed to prevent the rape of the daughter of the master of the Vestals.

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