What is another word for soiled?

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[ sˈɔ͡ɪld], [ sˈɔ‍ɪld], [ s_ˈɔɪ_l_d]

The word "soiled" refers to something that is stained or dirty, but there are several synonymous words that can be used interchangeably. Some words that can be used instead of "soiled" include stained, dirty, contaminated, smudged, tarnished, grimy, grubby, and fouled. These words can be used to describe anything from a piece of clothing or furniture to an area or location that has become dirty or contaminated. It is important to use the appropriate synonym depending on the context of the sentence or paragraph. By using the correct synonym, the writing becomes more effective and the intended meaning is conveyed to the reader.

Synonyms for Soiled:

How to use "Soiled" in context?

The word "soiled" can have a few different meanings. It can mean that something is dirty or contaminated. It can also mean that something is upset or unpleasant. Finally, it can also mean that something is in bad condition or that it is not working well.

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