What is another word for vest?

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Vest is a versatile word that can have multiple synonyms depending on the context. In the world of fashion, the word can be substituted with waistcoat or sleeveless jacket. In finance and banking, it can be replaced with endow, invest, or grant. When referring to a piece of clothing worn underneath a suit, vest can be swapped with undershirt or base layer. For military and law enforcement, the equivalent words would be bulletproof vest or tactical vest. In medicine, vest can be represented with chest brace or thoracic support. Overall, there are many synonyms for the word vest that can be used in different fields, but the usage of each must be taken into consideration.

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A vest is a piece of clothing that is designed to cover the torso and the arms, usually with a collar, a hem, and wide armholes. Vests are often made of cotton or other light fabrics, and are generally less expensive and less formal than suits or coats. They are often worn during warm weather, as they allow more air to flow through the clothing and keep the wearer cooler, as well as providing more coverage and protection from the sun.

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