What is another word for vestment?

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A vestment is a garment that is often worn by religious officials while performing their duties. However, there are several synonyms for this word that can be used to describe a similar type of clothing. One common synonym is "robe," which can be used to describe a long, flowing garment that is often worn during religious ceremonies. Another synonym is "cassock," which is a close-fitting garment that is often worn by members of the clergy. "Habit" is also a synonym for vestment, and it is often used to refer to the distinctive clothing worn by members of certain religious orders. Other synonyms for vestment include "vestmentary," "vestmentize," and "vestmentment".

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    The word vestment can refer to any clothing or accessory worn over the body, typically for religious or ceremonial purposes. Vestments come in many styles, and can include everything from a simple dress to a full suit of robes. They can reflect the religious beliefs of the wearer, or the style of the era in which they were made. Vestments can also be used to make a religious or spiritual statement.

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