What is another word for gown?

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Gown is a versatile word with various synonyms that can be used in different contexts. One of the most common synonyms of gown is a dress, which is typically a one-piece garment that fits around the body and extends to the knees or ankles. Another synonym for gown is a robe, which might be worn by a judge, a monk or a ceremonial official. A coat and a cloak may also be considered alternatives to gown, but they are generally looser and less form-fitting. Lastly, a frock is a synonym for gown that can be used to describe a more casual, everyday type of dress.

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    When we hear the word "gown," we often think of women wearing formal, wedding-related outfits. But there are other types of gowns, too. A gown can be an everyday outfit, like at a job interview, or a special occasion outfit, like a prom dress. For special occasions, a gown can be a big investment, so it's important to choose one that will look good and make you feel beautiful.

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