What is another word for visor?

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A visor is a curved shield located above the eyes to provide shade from the sun. However, there are several synonyms for this object, including a peak, brim, shade, or cap. The peak is a flattened visor often found on baseball caps, while the brim is a similar object found on wide-brimmed hats. The shade is a protection from the sun found on helmets, while a cap may have a visor as part of its design. All of these synonyms provide protection from the sun and offer an added touch of style to any outfit.

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    When you are driving in the sun, everyone can see your face. If you have sunglasses on, everyone can see the sunglasses, but they can't see your face. visors are like sunglasses, but they are a lot more universal. Visors protect your face from the sun and they are perfect for people who are driving in the sun. They are also perfect for people who are usually outside in the sun. Visors are a lot less expensive than sunglasses, and they are also a lot less bulky.

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