What is another word for weaves?

Pronunciation: [wˈiːvz] (IPA)

Weaves refer to the act of interlacing threads or materials to create a fabric or pattern. Synonyms for weaves include intertwine, braid, interlace, plait, knit, mesh, crisscross, and wattle. These words describe different methods of weaving that can be used in art, fashion, and crafts. Braid and plait specifically refer to weaving hair in different patterns. Intertwining and interlacing are often used in a more abstract sense to describe the combination of different elements. Weaving techniques are used in various industries and are an essential part of many cultures worldwide.

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Usage examples for Weaves

But progress does not run along a perfectly straight path, rather it dips and weaves ignoring some people and places in its circuitous route.
"Frying Pan Farm"
Elizabeth Brown Pryor
I know all my words and actions are looked upon through a very distorted medium, and whatever I say or do, he weaves into capital to carry on his persecution with.
"Marital Power Exemplified in Mrs. Packard's Trial, and Self-Defence from the Charge of Insanity"
Elizabeth Parsons Ware Packard
Rome rises before his mind-the mother of cities-the great constructive power which weaves the past into the future; which represents the continuity of human life.
"A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)"
Mrs. Sutherland Orr

Famous quotes with Weaves

  • The fabric of existence weaves itself whole.
    Charles Ives
  • Posterity weaves no garlands for imitators.
    Friedrich Schiller
  • Love, unrequited, robs me of my rest Love, hopeless love, my ardent soul encumbers Love, nightmare-like, lies heavy on my chest, And weaves itself into my midnight slumbers
    William S. Gilbert
  • He for himself weaves woe who weaves for others woe, and evil counsel on the counselor recoils.
  • The mind perceives … that it is higher than institutions, which are but the woof and web of its thought and will, which it weaves and outgrows, and weaves again.
    John Lancaster Spalding

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