What is another word for distort?

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Distort is a verb that means to alter or change the original shape, form, or meaning of something in a negative way. Some synonyms of the word distort that can be used to describe the same action are warp, twist, deform, contort, and skew. Distortions can be harmful and misleading in their effects, so it's important to use language that accurately reflects reality. Synonyms can help avoid this problem by providing alternative ways of expressing a concept without resorting to distorted or misleading language. When choosing synonyms, it's important to choose words that accurately express the intended meaning.

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How to use "Distort" in context?

Oftentimes, when we speak of something being distorted, what we really mean is that it's been altered or changed from its original state. This can often be a bad thing, as when something is distorted, it can no longer be accurately viewed or understood. This can have a number of negative impacts, including causing confusion and making it difficult to make accurate decisions.

One of the most common ways that information is distorted is through the use of propaganda.When a group wants to get their message across to a wider audience, they may distort the information in order to make it more appealing to as many people as possible.

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