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Coins, otherwise known as tender, change, or currency, are small metallic discs used in exchange for goods and services. In certain parts of the world, coins are also referred to as pennies, dimes, nickels, and quarters depending on their denomination. Sometimes coins are collected and traded among enthusiasts, and in this case, they could be called numismatics or numismatic coins. Other synonyms for coins include tokens, doubloons, pieces of eight, and bullion. While some cultures consider coins as a talisman bringing good luck, others regard them as a burden and prefer notes or digital currency. Regardless of what they are called, coins remain an integral aspect of the global economy.

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    There is something intrinsic about Coins that endear them to many people. Perhaps it is the familiarity we feel with them, or the sense of awe that come with knowing they were used as a means of currency centuries ago. Whatever the reason, coins have an unmistakable allure that draws people in.

    This appeal is not limited to the casual observer. Professional coin collectors can spend hours poring over antique coins, trying to determine their value and rarity. The fascination with coins is so great that many museums keep a sizable collection on display.

    What is it about coins that makes them so popular?

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