What is another word for weigh?

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Weigh is a term used to measure the mass or heaviness of an object. However, there are several other words that can be used as synonyms for weigh. Some of these words include assess, evaluate, gauge, measure, appraise, and quantify. These words essentially indicate the process of determining the weight, value, or size of something. Whether it's weighing an object on a scale or assessing the importance of a decision, these synonyms can add further context to our understanding of weight and value. Each synonym can be used in different contexts, hence it's important to choose the most suitable word based on the situation at hand.

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    When someone weighs something, they use a scale to measure the weight. If a person has a lot of something, they might weigh it on a scale to make sure they get the right amount. If someone has little something, they might not weigh it because it doesn't matter.

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