What is another word for loom?

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The word "loom" refers to a device used for weaving threads or yarns into fabrics or textiles. Synonyms for the term include "weaving machine," "textile machine," and "loom machine." Another set of synonyms for "loom" is related to its secondary meaning of "appear," and includes terms like "emerge," "loom up," and "rise." Additionally, related terms like "loom large," "threaten," and "impending" all invoke a connotation of impending danger or foreboding. These synonyms can help to convey the tone of a passage or emphasize the significance of a looming event or situation.

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Loom is a verb that refers to the act of appearing as a threatening or ominous presence, looming over someone or looming in the distance. Antonyms for the word "loom" typically refer to the opposite of this concept. For instance, "recede" would be an antonym, implying that something that was once nearby is now moving away. "Disappear" would also work as an antonym, suggesting that something is no longer present or visible. Other possible antonyms include "dissolve" or "vanish," which convey the idea of something fading from view. Overall, antonyms for "loom" tend to describe the opposite of something that is close or threatening.

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Usage examples for Loom

"Perhaps it would be better if I married William," she thought suddenly, and the thought appeared to loom through the mist like solid ground.
"Night and Day"
Virginia Woolf
The houses loom larger.
"Ways of Wood Folk"
William J. Long
Down on the main-deck, I could see the loom of the lanterns that had been lashed up to the sherpoles in the fore and main rigging.
"The Ghost Pirates"
William Hope Hodgson

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