What is another word for wild horse?

Pronunciation: [wˈa͡ɪld hˈɔːs] (IPA)

Wild horses are magnificent creatures that are famously associated with freedom, strength, and beauty. They have captured the hearts of many people, and their name has become synonymous with various other terms that describe their features and characteristics. Some alternative terms for wild horse include mustang, feral horse, brumby, and range horse. Mustangs are wild horses that inhabit North America, while feral horses refer to domesticated horses that have returned to the wild. Brumbies are Australian wild horses, and range horses are horses that live on open land without any controlling owners. Each of these terms adds a unique twist and reveals the distinction and charm of the wild horse.

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Famous quotes with Wild horse

  • Like many people unfamiliar with the history of America's wild, free-roaming horses, I had always thought that the wild horse was a "mustang", that is, a unique breed of horse. In reality, wild horses are feral horses, the offspings of domestic horses that have been turned loose, or escaped, into the wild. By wild, I mean the animals are not owned privately, and they basically fend from themselves without any care or supervision. Moreover, they live in some of America's most remote and sparsely populated high desert country.
    Jaime Jackson
  • The wild horse — healthy, prolific, and fully capable of surviving on its own — provides us with the perfect window through which to inquire, observe and learn about nature's grand plan for the quintessential natural horse.
    Jaime Jackson
  • A nation is not a complex of wheels, nor a wild horse race, but a stride upward concerted by real men.
    José Martí

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