What is another word for filly?

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When it comes to describing a young female horse, the word "filly" may be the most commonly used term. However, there are several other synonyms that can be used depending on the horse's age and breed. For example, a young pony can be referred to as a "pony filly" or "filly foal." In some cases, the term "mare" may be used if the young female horse is over the age of two. "Gelding" is the term used to describe a young male horse that has been neutered. Other possible synonyms for "filly" include "colt" (if referring to a young female thoroughbred) and "yearling" (if referring to a horse between the ages of one and two).

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    Usage examples for Filly

    After stabling the filly he went straight to his study.
    "Hetty Wesley"
    Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
    Close at his heels was the bay Kentucky filly, Belle of Newport, ridden by the veteran Forest, and the knowing ones could see that the Southern mare was in prime condition.
    "With Edge Tools"
    Hobart Chatfield-Taylor
    Jockey Forest had seen the Marquis go down before him, and pressing his knees to the sides of the Belle, had raised the filly and carried her over the fallen favorite.
    "With Edge Tools"
    Hobart Chatfield-Taylor

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