What is another word for wild hyacinth?

Pronunciation: [wˈa͡ɪld hˈa͡ɪɐsˌɪnθ] (IPA)

There are a few different synonyms for "wild hyacinth" depending on the region or language. In North America, it's often called "bluebells" or "wood hyacinths". The name "harebells" is also sometimes used, though this can refer to other plants as well. In Europe, the plant is sometimes called "Scilla" or "squill". "Grape hyacinth" is another common synonym, particularly for the smaller, tighter blooms of the Muscari genus, which are often used in gardens and floral arrangements. No matter what you call it, wild hyacinth is a beautiful springtime flower known for its delicate clusters of blue or purple blossoms.

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