What is another word for with eyes wide open?

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[ wɪð ˈa͡ɪz wˈa͡ɪd ˈə͡ʊpən], [ wɪð ˈa‍ɪz wˈa‍ɪd ˈə‍ʊpən], [ w_ɪ_ð ˈaɪ_z w_ˈaɪ_d ˈəʊ_p_ə_n]

The phrase "with eyes wide open" refers to being completely aware and alert. There are numerous synonyms for this phrase that can be used to convey the same meaning. Some of these synonyms include vigilant, watchful, observant, perceptive, alert, attentive, keen, wide-awake, and sharp-eyed. Each of these words conveys the idea of being fully aware of one's surroundings and being ready to respond to any situation. Whether used in conversation or writing, choosing the right synonym can help to add depth and nuance to your language, and enhance the clarity of the message you are trying to convey.

What are the hypernyms for With eyes wide open?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for with eyes wide open?

The phrase "with eyes wide open" implies being aware, alert, and vigilant. Its antonyms include phrases like "blindly," "unaware," and "ignorantly". These phrases indicate a lack of attention or consideration of the situation at hand. Other antonyms like "sleepily" or "drowsily" indicate a state of disinterest or apathy. "Carelessly" and "recklessly" indicate a lack of caution or concern for consequences. Lastly, "narrow-mindedly" implies a lack of open-mindedness or a limited perspective. In any situation, it is important to be aware, attentive, and considerate to make informed and thoughtful decisions.

What are the antonyms for With eyes wide open?

Famous quotes with With eyes wide open

  • We, as Humans, are distinct and unique in our capability to dream, and then strive to transform those Dreams into reality. The Dreams at night, seen with eyes wide shut, are nothing but illusions created by electronic impulses and waves within our brain and central nervous system. On the contrary, the Dreams seen in broad daylight, with our eyes wide open, are the most important ones, because we can pursue those diligently with total focus from our heart and mind, and soon make them come true in actuality. In my opinion, these Dreamers, Believers, Pursuers, Thinkers, Inventors, Innovators, Planners, Strategists, and Doers are the ones who change our world, and make it better and better than it was ever before. Our world needs billions and trillions of such Dreamers who will lead humanity to perfection. So, never let your Dreams fade away or die, especially those you've seen in the broad daylight, with eyes wide open. Go after your Dreams, relentlessly with perfect plan, passion and perseverance, no matter what others say or do. Good luck in making your Dreams come true.!
    Deodatta V. Shenai-Khatkhate

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