What is another word for Prepensely?

Pronunciation: [pɹɪpˈɛnsli] (IPA)

Prepensely is a less common word that means to do something deliberately or with intention. Some synonyms for prepensely include purposely, intentionally, consciously, knowingly, willfully, deliberately, and on purpose. These words all express the idea of a person making a choice or decision to do something with a specific goal or outcome in mind. Other related words include purposefully, premeditatedly, and culpably. Knowing these synonyms allows for more diverse and nuanced communication, which can be valuable in various contexts such as writing, public speaking, or everyday conversation.

What are the opposite words for Prepensely?

Prepensely means intentionally or deliberately. Some antonyms for the word prepensely include accidentally, unintentionally, or involuntarily. These antonyms suggest that there was no conscious effort or plan to carry out a particular action. For example, someone might trip and accidentally knock over a vase, which would be an unintentional act. Similarly, someone might blurt out a secret without meaning to, which would be an involuntary act. The opposite of prepensely suggests that the action was not intended or planned, often resulting in an unintended consequence. While prepensely implies a sense of control or agency over one's actions, its antonyms suggest a sense of happenstance or lack of control.

What are the antonyms for Prepensely?

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