What is another word for with malice aforethought?

Pronunciation: [wɪð mˈalɪs ɐfˈɔːθɔːt] (IPA)

"With malice aforethought" is a legal term that refers to the premeditated intention to commit a criminal act. There are several synonyms to this phrase that can be used in legal or formal writing to convey the same meaning. One commonly used synonym is "premeditation," which refers to the act of planning a crime or wrongdoing in advance. Another synonym for this phrase is "intent," which refers to the mental state of a person who is purposefully committing a crime. Other synonyms for "with malice aforethought" include "preconceived notion," "deliberate intention," and "calculated purpose," among others. All these synonyms emphasize the premeditated and intentional nature of an act committed with malice aforethought.

What are the hypernyms for With malice aforethought?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for with malice aforethought?

With malice aforethought is a legal term that refers to premeditated or deliberate intent to commit a crime. Antonyms for with malice aforethought include accidental, unintentional or inadvertent. These words imply that the action was not planned or intended, but rather the result of a mistake, oversight or lack of attention. Other antonyms for with malice aforethought might include innocent, blameless or faultless, which suggest that the individual had no intention to cause harm or commit a crime. Understanding these antonyms can help to identify the circumstances under which a crime was committed and determine the appropriate legal consequences.

What are the antonyms for With malice aforethought?

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