What is another word for by design?

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By design" is a phrase that suggests that something has been intentionally created or arranged in a certain way, usually for a specific purpose or goal. Some synonyms for "by design" include "deliberately," "intentionally," "purposefully," "planned," "premeditatedly," "calculatedly," "on purpose," "with forethought," "purposely," and "accordingly." Using these synonyms can add some variety to your writing or speech and convey a different tone or emphasis. For instance, "deliberately" may suggest more emphasis on the intentionality behind the design, while "calculatedly" might suggest a more strategic or measured approach.

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    By design is a phrase that means intentionally or deliberately. Antonyms for this phrase include accidentally, fortuitously, inadvertently, and unintentionally. These terms can be used to describe situations or events that occur without prior planning or purpose. For example, if someone accidentally spills coffee on their shirt, it was not done by design. Likewise, if a project is successful due to luck rather than intention, it was achieved fortuitously. While by design implies a sense of control and intentionality, its antonyms suggest a lack of control or intentionality in a given situation.

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