What is another word for with the result that?

Pronunciation: [wɪððə ɹɪzˈʌlt ðˈat] (IPA)

There are various synonyms for the phrase "with the result that", often used to show a cause-and-effect relationship. Some commonly used synonyms include "consequently", "thus", "therefore", "as a result", "accordingly", "resultantly", "hence", "so", "in consequence", and "henceforth". These words are useful in academic writing, especially when developing arguments and analyzing cause-and-effect situations. By incorporating these synonyms appropriately, you can make your writing more concise and impactful, conveying your points more effectively. It's essential to choose a word that fits the meaning you intend to convey and the context in which you are writing.

Synonyms for With the result that:

What are the hypernyms for With the result that?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Famous quotes with With the result that

  • These days there are not enough of such intermediary groups, between the state and the individual, with the result that political leaders are often unduly guided by opinion polls.
    Jacques Delors
  • Thousands of years ago, humans domesticated every possible large wild mammal species fulfilling all those criteria and worth domesticating, with the result that there have been no valuable additions of domestic animals in recent times, despite the efforts of modern science.
    Jared Diamond
  • Other composers have taken this particular technique much further than I in the meantime, with the result that the Law of Diminishing Returns has begun to apply.
    Brian Ferneyhough
  • Increasingly, stars are recruited from the ranks of professional models, with the result that today's starlets are better dressed and better groomed than ever before, though it is doubtful if they are better actresses.
    Rita Hayworth
  • In the revolt against idealism, the ambiguities of the word experience have been perceived, with the result that realists have more and more avoided the word.
    Bertrand Russell

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