What is another word for with the purpose that?

Pronunciation: [wɪððə pˈɜːpəs ðˈat] (IPA)

With the purpose of achieving a specific goal, individuals often seek synonyms for the phrase 'with the purpose that.' Depending on the context, alternatives such as 'in order to,' 'for the aim of,' 'with the intent of,' and 'with the objective of' can be used. 'In order to' is a common phrase used to indicate the reason behind specific actions or behaviors. 'For the aim of' is another synonym that highlights a particular purpose or objective. 'With the intent of' and 'with the objective of' also emphasize a specific intention behind an action or behavior. Using these synonyms can help enhance writing clarity and focus on the desired outcome of an activity.

Synonyms for With the purpose that:

What are the hypernyms for With the purpose that?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Related words: with the intent of, with the goal that, with the aim that, for the purpose that, for the reason that, for the objective that, for the goal that

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