What is another word for with the saints?

Pronunciation: [wɪððə sˈe͡ɪnts] (IPA)

"When we say 'with the saints', we usually mean to say that someone is among the holy people who have lived a devout and righteous life. However, there are several other terms and phrases that can be used to represent this concept. For instance, one can say 'in the company of saints' or 'amid the blessed ones'. It is also possible to use phrases like 'surrounded by the pious' or 'in the fellowship of the devout'. These synonyms allow us to express the same idea in different words, making our communication more precise, varied and engaging. Ultimately, what matters most is that we recognize and appreciate the spiritual legacy of those who came before us, and strive to follow in their footsteps".

Synonyms for With the saints:

What are the hypernyms for With the saints?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Famous quotes with With the saints

  • Christ bears with the saints' imperfections; well may the saints one with another.
    William Gurnall
  • I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints - the sinners are much more fun.
    Billy Joel
  • Ah, souls, you can easily sin as the saints—but can you repent with the saints? Many can sin with David and Peter, that cannot repent with David and Peter—and so must perish forever! (page 27)
    Thomas Brooks (Puritan)
  • The knight's bones are dust, And his good sword rust; His soul is with the saints, I trust.
    Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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