What is another word for sanctification?

Pronunciation: [sˌanktɪfɪkˈe͡ɪʃən] (IPA)

Sanctification is a term that is often used in spiritual and religious contexts to refer to the process of being set apart or made holy. However, there are many other synonyms for this term that carry slightly different connotations or meanings. Some of these synonyms include purification, consecration, dedication, devotion, enlightenment, exaltation, grace, hallowing, purification, and sanctification. Each of these words highlights a different aspect of the process of becoming more spiritual or religious, and can be used to describe different stages or aspects of sanctification. Whether you are seeking to deepen your faith or simply to better understand this important concept, exploring the many synonyms for sanctification can be a helpful exercise.

Synonyms for Sanctification:

What are the hypernyms for Sanctification?

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What are the opposite words for sanctification?

Sanctification, primarily referring to the process of becoming holy or spiritually pure, has several antonyms. Some of them are profanity, ungodliness, wickedness, sinfulness, and impurity. Profanity, implying irreverence and disrespect for spiritual values and beliefs, is an antonym closely related to sanctification. Similarly, ungodliness and wickedness denote a lack of divine virtues or moral integrity, contrary to the sanctifying process in which one aims to attain spiritual or moral excellence. Sinfulness implies wrongdoing or transgression against divine or moral laws, whereas impurity denotes spiritual, moral, or physical contamination. Overall, these antonyms portray traits and behaviors detrimental to achieving spiritual or moral purity and holiness, which constitute the essence of sanctification.

What are the antonyms for Sanctification?

Usage examples for Sanctification

It must be shown that, in general, the faithful praise Christ with their lips, but that the heart of the people is far from Him; it must further be shown how much egoism enters into a certain form of fervent piety which many believed to be a source of sanctification.
"The Saint"
Antonio Fogazzaro Commentator: William Roscoe Thayer
Christianity, during the latter half of the first millennium, could show triumphs of sanctification in personal character; it had its heroes of morality, but it must be confessed that the conversion of the barbaric nations was not accompanied with a very signal improvement in their morals.
"Women of Early Christianity Woman: In all ages and in all countries, Vol. 3 (of 10)"
Alfred Brittain Mitchell Carroll
There are no ready-made human angels in this life, male or female, with full-grown wings to bear them over the troubles of earth to a state of sudden sanctification.
"In the Track of the Troops"
R.M. Ballantyne

Famous quotes with Sanctification

  • The starting point of sanctification is the filthiness, corruption, or stain of sin.
    William Ames
  • Humiliation is the beginning of sanctification.
    John Donne
  • Saving faith is an immediate relation to Christ, accepting, receiving, resting upon Him alone, for justification, sanctification, and eternal life by virtue of God's grace.
    Charles Spurgeon
  • There is no justification without sanctification, no forgiveness without renewal of life, no real faith from which the fruits of new obedience do not grow.
    Martin Luther
  • I believe in the supreme excellence of righteousness; I believe that the law of righteousness will triumph in the universe over all evil; I believe that in the attempt to fulfil the law of righteousness, however imperfect it must remain, are to be found the inspiration, the consolation, and the sanctification of human existence.We live in order to develop the superior qualities of man which are, as yet, for the most part latent.
    Felix Adler

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