What is another word for without stopping?

61 synonyms found


[ wɪðˌa͡ʊt stˈɒpɪŋ], [ wɪðˌa‍ʊt stˈɒpɪŋ], [ w_ɪ_ð_ˌaʊ_t s_t_ˈɒ_p_ɪ_ŋ]

How to use "Without stopping" in context?

It's a goal that's often used as a basis for setting goals, but what does it really mean? "without stopping" is a metaphor that refers to working hard and making progress, no matter how slow it may seem. It's a challenging goal to set because it's difficult to maintain a sense of urgency when working at a steady pace. It's often recommended that you set goals that challenge you but don't consume all of your time. When working towards a goal that's "without stopping," it's important to keep in mind that progress is always worth celebrating.

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