What is another word for unending?

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Unending is often used to describe something that seems to have no end. However, there are many other synonyms that may be used to convey similar ideas. For instance, words like incessant, endless, perpetual, constant, and everlasting can be used to convey the same meaning as unending. Other noteworthy synonyms include interminable, infinite, uninterrupted, ongoing, and unremitting. Each of these words can be used depending on the context and situation to describe something that seems to have no end. Regardless of which synonym you choose, the word provides a powerful and effective way to convey the feeling of something that is never-ending.

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How to use "Unending" in context?

When people hear the word "unending", they might think about a perpetually flowing river or a never-ending story. But in the world of mathematics, an endless process is one in which the result is always the same. For example, a never-ending summation is a mathematical operation that produces an infinite sum. Similarly, an everlasting sequence is a sequence that never ends. In both cases, the result is always the same.

An endless sequence is a sequence of objects, numbers, or anything else that can be counted.

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