What is another word for wobble?

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Wobbling is a term used to describe the shaky or unstable movement of something. Synonyms for wobble include waver, quake, tremble, shudder, totter, sway, oscillate, teeter, jiggle, and quiver. These words imply a lack of steadiness or firmness in movement, and can be used to describe anything from a shaking hand to an uncertain economy. Depending on the context, these words can be used interchangeably with wobble to convey the same idea of unsteadiness or uncertainty. The use of synonyms in writing can help to vary the language used and add interest to the text, making it more engaging for the reader.

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    A wobble is when someone or something moves slightly side to side instead of continuously in one direction. Wobbles can be caused by a wide range of things, like uneven pavement, unstable stairs, or a loose doorknob.

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