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Roll is a common word that has various meanings and synonyms. When referring to bread, a roll could be called a bun, bap, croissant, or bagel. In terms of motion, roll can be interchangeable with rotate or spin. It can also refer to a list of names, which can be substituted with a roster, register, or catalogue. When used in a financial context, roll can be expressed as a carryover, renewal, or continuation. Talking about clothing, roll can be replaced with fold, tuck or cuff. Lastly, if used in a gambling context, roll can be synonyms with toss, spin or shake.

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    Roll is a fundamental part of paper gaming and many different games rely on it. Rolling your dice to generate random numbers is at the heart of many roleplaying games and the thrill of finding that perfect combination of numbers can be addicting. Rolling dice to generate the results of a competition is also a central mechanic in many board games.

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