What is another word for counter balance?

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Counter balance is a term that refers to the act of keeping something in equilibrium or stability. There are various other words that can be used as synonyms to describe the concept of counter balance. These include offset, offsetting, equalizing, leveling, counteracting, neutralizing, balancing, compensating, counterweighing, and stabilizing, to name a few. These synonyms can be used in different contexts depending on the situation, but they all share the same idea of keeping things in balance. For instance, offsetting can be used in finance to describe the act of compensating for the losses of one investment by making gains from another. Balancing is often used in physics to describe the ability of an object to maintain its equilibrium.

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    Counter balance represents a force that balances another force in the opposite direction. Its antonyms may be words that imply a lack of balance or equilibrium. For example, "unbalanced" is an antonym for counter balance, meaning not equal in weight, force, or coherence. Another antonym could be "imbalance," which refers to a lack of balance or uneven distribution. "Tipping point" is also an antonym, suggesting a point after which the force of one side dominates and tips the balance. "Destabilize" or "upset" are also antonyms, as they imply actions that counteract or oppose the balancing force of another element.

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    • I agree that Ruskin has done much harm to counter balance much good in giving people the trick of talking about Art instead of really doing a little of it to enable them to understand.
      William H. Hunt

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