What is another word for carpenter?

Pronunciation: [kˈɑːpəntə] (IPA)

Carpenters are skilled craftsmen who work with wood to create and build structures, furniture, and other wooden objects. Synonyms for the word "carpenter" include woodworker, joiner, cabinetmaker, craftsman, artisan, builder, and furniture maker. Woodworkers specialize in making specific wooden objects, such as cabinets or musical instruments. Joiners specialize in fitting and making wooden joints. Cabinetmakers make furniture and cabinets. Craftsmen are skilled workers who can create various wooden objects. Artisans are typically more skilled and create unique and decorative wooden pieces. Builders work with wood as part of their overall construction work. Furniture makers specialize in making high-quality furniture items. Using these synonyms can help to better describe the specific skills and expertise of woodworking professionals.

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Usage examples for Carpenter

The carpenter alone was busy.
"My Lady of the Chimney Corner"
Alexander Irvine
Every day the carpenter came.
"My Lady of the Chimney Corner"
Alexander Irvine
Well, I guess we've done about all we can, and now that I've paid my respects to the chopper and carpenter-gang, there's another man I want to mention.
"The Greater Power"
Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton

Famous quotes with Carpenter

  • That is the way a great master carpenter feels, or an architect or composer or anyone who creates anything - people want to be appreciated for what they have done.
    David Amram
  • Harrison Ford was pretty content as a carpenter who thought it would be nice to work on TV and ended up being the biggest film star in the history of cinema.
    Dirk Benedict
  • How it happened that Mastro Cherry, carpenter, found a piece of wood that wept and laughed like a child.
    Carlo Collodi
  • My dad was a carpenter and I would work with him during the summer and umpire on the nights I wasn't playing.
    Jim Evans
  • My father was a carpenter, a very good carpenter. He also worked for the Jones boys. They were not family members, we weren't related at all. They started the policy racket in Chicago, and they had the five and dime store.
    Quincy Jones

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