What is another word for xanthippes?

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[ zˈanθɪps], [ zˈanθɪps], [ z_ˈa_n_θ_ɪ_p_s]

Synonyms for Xanthippes:

How to use "Xanthippes" in context?

Xanthippe is a character in the play Oedipus Rex by Sophocles. She is the live-in full-time maid to the noble Oedipus and King Polybus of Thebes. Extremely witty, she remains obtusely unaware that she has married her father and destroyed her family. Oedipus initially regards her as a jester or fool and treats her roughly, but comes to appreciate her sense of humor and cleverness. Xanthippe ultimately dies of self-inflicted wounds after realizing that she has unknowingly married her own son and killed him.

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