What is another word for Xanthippe?

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Xanthippe is a rarely used name that is derived from the Greek language. It is often associated with the historical figure of Socrates' wife who was known for her sharp tongue and difficult personality. Synonyms for the word xanthippe include shrew, nag, termagant, virago, harpy, battle-ax and fishwife. These words suggest an unpleasant and quarrelsome character that is difficult to deal with. While the name xanthippe itself is not negative, its association with Socrates' wife has given it a negative connotation. It is important to remember that a person's name does not define their character, and we should not judge someone solely based on their name.

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    Xanthippe is characterized as a down-to-earth and brutally honest woman. She is outspoken and usually doesn't hold back her thoughts. She is independent and strong willed. She's also very analytic, able to think long-term and see things objectively.

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