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Xanthippe is a rarely used name that is derived from the Greek language. It is often associated with the historical figure of Socrates' wife who was known for her sharp tongue and difficult personality. Synonyms for the word xanthippe include shrew, nag, termagant, virago, harpy, battle-ax and fishwife. These words suggest an unpleasant and quarrelsome character that is difficult to deal with. While the name xanthippe itself is not negative, its association with Socrates' wife has given it a negative connotation. It is important to remember that a person's name does not define their character, and we should not judge someone solely based on their name.

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    Usage examples for Xanthippe

    And if, living with Xanthippe and listening to her railings, he could yet attain to such heights of philosophy is it not possible that men like you and me might come, through his philosophy, to endure it?
    "Shadow Mountain"
    Dane Coolidge
    Like a thief in the night had they come, and for no better reason than that the Captain had been unanimously voted a shade too shady to associate with self-respecting spirits had they made off with the happy floating club-house of their betters; and worst of all, with them, by force of circumstances over which they had no control, had sailed also the fair Queen Elizabeth, the spirited Xanthippe, and every other strong-minded and beautiful woman of Erebean society, whereby the men thereof were rendered desolate.
    "The Pursuit of the House-Boat"
    John Kendrick Bangs
    Xanthippe is with them, and I'll warrant you that when that cherished spouse of mine has recovered from the effects of the sea, say the third day out, Kidd and his crew will be walking the plank, and voluntarily at that."
    "The Pursuit of the House-Boat"
    John Kendrick Bangs

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