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Spouse is a commonly used term to refer to a significant other in a committed relationship, particularly in marriage. However, there are many other words that can be used to describe one's partner or better half. Some common synonyms for spouse include partner, companion, mate, better half, significant other, soulmate, beloved, and sweetheart. Each of these words implies a level of love, closeness, and commitment. Using different terms to describe one's partner can also add depth and nuance to a relationship. No matter what one chooses to call their partner, what matters most is the affection, respect, and loyalty that they share.

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How to use "Spouse" in context?

Spouse is the person with whom a person lives together in a conjugal relationship. The term can include people of the same sex or gender, as well as different sexes or genders. It also can refer to domestic partner or part-time live-in partner. Spouse has several older synonyms, including consort, husband, and wife. Depending on country, laws, and customs, the term may also be used for a person who is not the legal spouse of the other person, such as a step-father or step-mother.

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