What is another word for yobbo?

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[ jˈɒbə͡ʊ], [ jˈɒbə‍ʊ], [ j_ˈɒ_b_əʊ]

Yobbo is a term used to describe someone who is uncouth, rowdy, and prone to engaging in disruptive or offensive behavior. It is a slang word commonly used in Australia and New Zealand, and can be considered derogatory. If you are looking for synonyms for the word "yobbo," some options include "hooligan," "thug," "bully," "delinquent," and "ruffian." Other synonyms might include "troublemaker," "reckless person," "incorrigible," or "disturber of the peace." It is important to remember that while these words are often used interchangeably, they can carry strong connotations and may be considered insulting or offensive by some people.

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How to use "Yobbo" in context?

The word "yobbo" is used to describe someone who is uneducated, unemployed, and generally looking for a fight. The term is derived from the Australian military term "yobbo", which means "young roughneck".

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