What is another word for rascal?

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The word "rascal" refers to someone who is mischievous, tricky, or deceitful. Synonyms for this word include scoundrel, rogue, troublemaker, prankster, imp, and trickster. A scoundrel is someone who is notorious for behaving in a dishonorable or immoral way. A rogue is a person who enjoys breaking rules or behaving in a rebellious manner. A troublemaker is someone who deliberately causes problems or conflicts. An imp is a small and mischievous supernatural creature. Finally, a trickster is a person who plays tricks or pranks on others, typically for their own amusement. All of these words describe someone who is up to no good, but each one has its own unique connotations and shades of meaning.

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    The word "rascal" is derived from the French word "rascal," meaning "a mischievous boy or young man." It was first recorded in print in 1510. The Oxford English Dictionary credits the first use of the word in English to John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, in a letter to King Henry II in 1398. The dictionary defines a rascal as "a mischief-making, antic boy.

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