What is another word for miscreant?

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Miscreant is a term that refers to a person who behaves badly or illegally. There are several synonyms for the word miscreant that convey a similar sense of wrongdoing. One of the most common synonyms for miscreant is a term like a criminal, which describes behavior that violates the law. Other synonyms include delinquent, which describes someone who fails to meet their responsibilities or obligations, and rogue, which implies a sense of danger or unpredictability. Another synonym is a villain, which conveys a sense of malicious intent or evil deeds. Overall, miscreant and its synonyms are words that describe individuals who break rules or engage in unacceptable behavior.

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How to use "Miscreant" in context?

The word miscreant is derived from the Latin word misceror, meaning one who does wrong or evil. Miscreants are people who have a malicious or destructive nature, and who largely prefer to act on their own rather than in accordance with established rules or norms.

Miscreants frequently display a disregard for the rights of others, and can be associated with a wide range of criminal activities. Some common examples of miscreant behavior include vandalism, theft, assault, and fraud.

Miscreants can be difficult to subdue, and can often be difficult to capture or prosecute.

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