What is another word for zigzag?

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[ zˈɪɡzaɡ], [ zˈɪɡzaɡ], [ z_ˈɪ_ɡ_z_a_ɡ]

Zigzag is a term used to describe a pattern that consists of a series of sharp turns or sudden changes in direction. Some common synonyms for zigzag include meander, serpent, snaky, wind, twist, turn, bend, and curve. Other words that can be used to describe zigzagging motions include squiggle, waver, undulate, oscillate, and veer. These terms can be used to describe a range of movements, from the erratic movements of a snake to the gentle curves of a winding road. Whatever the context, there are many words available that can help you to describe a zigzag pattern in a creative and engaging way.

Synonyms for Zigzag:

How to use "Zigzag" in context?

The word "zigzag" has a variety of definitions and usages. In its most general form, it is a gradual pattern of alternating steps or strokes in a straight line. It can also refer to a more specific pattern, consisting of three or more zigzag lines running in opposite directions.

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