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Straight is a word that is commonly used to refer to something that is not crooked or bent. However, there are many synonyms for the word straight that can help to add variety to your writing and conversation. Some common synonyms for straight include upright, level, perpendicular, and unbent. Other less common synonyms for straight include linear, direct, non-curved, and undeviating. Using synonyms for the word straight can help to make your language more interesting and engaging, and it can also help to clarify your meaning when you need to be very clear about a particular concept or idea.

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How to use "Straight" in context?

Straight is a lifestyle and sexual orientation that is traditionally defined as exclusively homosexual or heterosexual. The term "straight" can be used as an identity, term of self-identification, or adjective. Straight people can also be referred to as "hetero", "heterosexual", or "straight-identified".

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