What is another word for Appellee?

Pronunciation: [ɐpˈɛliː] (IPA)

Appellee is a legal term used to refer to the party who has won the case in the lower court and is being appealed against. Generally used in civil cases, an appellee is the defendant or respondent who has prevailed in a trial or hearing and is represented in the appellate court. Synonyms of the term appellee include respondent, defendant-appellee, and prevailing party. Other terms used interchangeably with appellee include counter-defendant, cross-defendant, beneficiary, and intended receiver. All these terms are used to describe an individual, party, or group who is being appealed against in a ruling by the lower court.

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Usage examples for Appellee

Judgment: let law be made, and let it be in the election of the Appellee whether he or Astin shall carry the iron.
"Our Legal Heritage, 4th Ed."
S. A. Reilly
And the Appellee defends all of it word by word etc.
"Our Legal Heritage, 4th Ed."
S. A. Reilly
Counsel for Appellee, he recites, would limit it to traffic, to buying and selling, to which he answers that this would restrict a general term...
"John Marshall and the Constitution A Chronicle of the Supreme Court, Volume 16 In The Chronicles Of America Series"
Edward S. Corwin

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