What is another word for complainant?

Pronunciation: [kəmplˈe͡ɪnənt] (IPA)

A complainant is someone who voices their dissatisfaction or grievances about a particular situation or event. However, there are several synonyms for the word "complainant" that can be used interchangeably. One of the most commonly used synonyms is "plaintiff," which is often used in legal proceedings when referring to the person who brings a case against another. Other synonyms include "accuser," "critic," "dissenter," "naysayer," and "protester." All of these words carry a similar implication of expressing dissatisfaction or disagreement with something, whether it is a personal issue or a more widespread matter. Each of these words can be used to describe someone who makes a complaint or expresses an objection.

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The word "complainant" refers to a person who raises a grievance or complaint. The antonyms for complainant would be "defendant" or "accused." A defendant is a person who is the subject of a legal action or accusation, especially in a criminal case. On the other hand, an accused is someone who has been charged with a crime or wrongdoing. These words are often used in conjunction with the complainant in legal proceedings, court cases or trials. A complainant seeks to make a formal accusation or bring attention to an issue, while a defendant or accused must respond or defend themselves against the allegations made by the complainant.

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Usage examples for Complainant

Like most monarchs, he was surrounded by courtiers and state officials, who must be bribed with considerable presents before they would exert themselves on behalf of any suitor or complainant, no matter how real his grievance, or how urgent his case might be.
"Tales of the Caliph"
H. N. Crellin
On one occasion I had some trouble to make a Native complainant understand that the evidence upon which he relied was entirely hearsay and therefore of no avail against the man he wished to charge with a crime of theft.
"The Black Man's Place in South Africa"
Peter Nielsen
"There is plenty of tinder in the house, Eliza, and plenty of good tallow candles," Mrs. Twemlow replied, having put away the letter, while her husband let the complainant in.
"Springhaven A Tale of the Great War"
R. D. Blackmore

Famous quotes with Complainant

  • Women are not required in general to be named in rape cases because of the stigmas that go with being a rape complainant, and frankly, special burdens that rape complainants often face.
    Susan Estrich

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