What is another word for litigant?

Pronunciation: [lˈɪtɪɡənt] (IPA)

A litigant is a person or entity involved in a legal proceeding as either the plaintiff or defendant. Alternative terms that could be used to refer to a litigant include a party, lawsuit participant, legal contestant, disputant, or adversary. Depending on the context, other related words could include prosecution or defense in criminal cases, petitioner or respondent in administrative hearings, or claimant or respondent in civil matters. The use of synonyms helps to avoid repetition, enhance language variety, and facilitate communication among legal professionals and members of the public. It is important to choose the appropriate synonym based on the specific legal context and the nature of the parties involved.

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Litigants are individuals or parties involved in a legal dispute or lawsuit. Antonyms for the term "litigant" include collaborator, peacemaker, and mediator. Collaborators work together to achieve a common goal, while peacemakers aim to resolve conflicts peacefully without seeking legal action. Mediators also strive to resolve disputes through discussions and negotiations, and may help parties reach mutually beneficial agreements. Additionally, antonyms for litigant include friend, ally, and supporter, as these words connote positive relationships and cooperation rather than disputes and legal battles. Ultimately, while litigants are often perceived as adversaries in a legal context, antonyms for this term emphasize cooperation, peace, and harmony.

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Usage examples for Litigant

In such instances the judges were governed by precedent or by a strict interpretation of the law, while in the days of French dominion the intendants were generally influenced by principles of equity in the disputes that came before them, and by a desire to help the weaker litigant, the censitaire.
"Lord Elgin"
John George Bourinot
This famous litigant has reached a stage where things simply are as he wants them to be.
"Studies in Forensic Psychiatry"
Bernard Glueck
Sir, these considerations have great weight with me when I find things so circumstanced, that I see the same party at once a civil litigant against me in point of right and a culprit before me, while I sit as a criminal judge on acts of his whose moral quality is to be decided upon the merits of that very litigation.
"Burke's Speech on Conciliation with America"
Edmund Burke

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